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The largest island of Greece that has ‘everything’! Rare natural beauty, Mediterranean culture and history.

Crete charms every visitor! It has the way to fascinate and captivate the senses with its impressive and magnificent landscape, as well as with the spirit, the history and its people.

Our beautiful Crete is one of the places in the whole world, which combines mountains, unique beaches and rare natural beauty.

It has over 100 beaches where you can enjoy the bright sun and blue seas, from large coasts to little bays and beaches with shallow and crystal clear water, which are plenty.

‘’A truly unique place with incredible beauty. It is no coincidence that anyone visiting Crete always comes back to enjoy the sun, seas, mountains, nature and unique hospitality.’’

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Unique travel is a company located in the beautiful city of Chania, Crete. Our tourist company specializing in guided tours, daytrips, Cretan culture tours and transfers.   learn more

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Our primary concern is excellent service and safety and for you to experience the most beautiful and unforgettable holidays on our island!   learn more

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What makes us "Unique" is our expert knowledge of the area's features and history, combined with quality service, safety, comfort and above all reasonable prices.   learn more